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At Black Onyx Management, we believe building trust builds better outcomes. To cultivate trust, six basic core values guide our work:

Community First

We continuously listen to and advocate for marginalized communities in our business dealings. We leverage the power of an organization to support Black and historically marginalized communities.

Community Gardening

Results Oriented

Our deliverables must produce the intended results for our client partners.

Friendly successful all african business

Scientific Rigor

We leverage advanced management techniques to advance diversity, equity and inclusion informed by the best of the social sciences.


Power Shifting

Empowerment requires the sharing and shifting of power—even if it means creating a table for the marginalized predicated on asset-based community development.

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Equity Matters

We believe wealth creation is one way to improve the prospects of Black and historically marginalized communities. We leverage capitalism to achieve equity—we build our own table.

Financial Report

Shared Values

Organizations are most competitive when their policy, practices, and procedures optimize the inherent relationship with the community.

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