Health Equity 

Committed to building a more equitable society.

At Black Onyx Management, we are committed to fostering health equity through our dedicated Health Equity service line. We acknowledge the disparities that persist across various social determinants of health and are dedicated to creating equitable spaces, programs, and communities through the dismantling of systemic racism so that all may have optimal health outcomes.  

Our mission is to champion evidence-based solutions to address these disparities. Our comprehensive approach involves collaboration with healthcare entities, community organizations, public agencies, foundations, and policymakers to implement innovative solutions that prioritize black and other historically marginalized communities’ health needs.  Through these efforts, we are committed to building a more equitable society that ensures every individual can achieve optimal health outcomes. 

Specific Services Offered:

Creation of culturally competent and evidence-based healthcare delivery models trainings 

Development of community outreach and education program plans  

Advocacy for policy changes to address systemic inequities  

Data analytics to identify and address disparities in health outcomes  

Develop strategies targeting underlying social and economic frameworks to address wealth and influence distribution. 

Health Equity

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