About us

Black Onyx Management Team

Our Values

At Black Onyx Management, we build equity in society.

Community First

We continuously listen to and advocate for marginalized communities in our business dealings. We leverage the power of our capabilities, relationships and resources to support Black and historically marginalized communities.

Power Shifting

Empowerment requires the sharing and shifting of power—even if it means creating a table for the marginalized predicated on asset-based community development.

Results Oriented

Our deliverables must produce the intended results for our client partners.

Equity Matters

Providing the necessary resources to ameliorate disparities from the past. It requires intentionality and it is a process that meets people where they are while applying various forms of social, intellectual, political and economic capital to arrive at an improved state with the ultimate goal of parity.

Scientific Rigor

We leverage advanced management techniques, quantitative and qualitative techniques, data analytics, financial and economic analysis to pursue diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

Shared Values

Organizations are most competitive when their policy, practices, and procedures optimize the inherent symbiotic relationship with the community.

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