Community Engagement and Strategic Planning 

Facilitating strategic collaboration and fostering values-centered leadership.

At Black Onyx Management, we excel in facilitating strategic collaboration and fostering values-centered leadership to drive impactful action within communities. Through a variety of tailored engagement strategies, including large-scale convenings, retreats, team-building sessions, workshops, and training, both in-person and virtual, we enable our clients to connect deeply with local communities. Our engagements are designed for deep listening, real-time learning, and fostering two-way conversations that genuinely reflect the voices of all stakeholders involved. 

Our strategic planning services are crafted to communicate and advance the shared interests of communities effectively, utilizing our proven methodologies to ensure that every community voice can contribute to shaping outcomes. We focus on transparency and inclusive participation to safeguard opportunities for comprehensive community input and engagement. 

Specific Services Offered:

Convening and Facilitation: Organizing and leading single or multi-day events that bring together community members and stakeholders to foster dialogue and action. 

Strategic Planning: Guiding organizations through the development of strategies that align with long-term goals and community values. 

Quality of Life Community Development: Designing and implementing programs that enhance the overall quality of life within communities. 

Stakeholder Engagement and Segmentation Analysis: Identifying key stakeholders, analyzing their interests and influence, and developing strategies to engage them effectively. Analyzing community segments to tailor convenings that address diverse needs and perspectives. 

Coalition Building: Working with organizations to form coalitions that amplify efforts to increase equity in society. Through strategic partnerships, we strengthen collective action to address systemic challenges and achieve meaningful change. 

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