Black Onyx Management Leads Purposeful Research Projects That Don’t Sit on Shelves

A Black Onyx Management strength is analysis and assessments of communities and organizations.

A good start to any effort at change is understanding where you are with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion or belonging. Often, our clients have a sense that there is an opportunity of improvement, but they lack baseline data to know where they are and how to get where they want to be.

That’s where Black Onyx Management comes in.

We methodically combine qualitative and quantitative research with an eye toward, power dynamics, privilege and equity to collect, listen and analyze the constellation of ideas that may co-exist in a community or organization.

A great example is the community “welcomeness” study that we have done for communities.

More recently, we implemented a community wide survey that garnered nearly 2,700 responses on a 30 question survey on issues of both diversity, equity and inclusion as well as economic barriers.

As part of the effort, and to learn the community, we conducted 12 focus groups and 6 one-on-one interviews with varied groups such as Latinx, African American. LGBTQ, Asian American, Tourism, Young Professionals, Business and Religious leaders.

This study included 20 cities, towns and unincorporated areas in the county.

Key deliverables included a database that captured opinions and perspectives from citizens that are now used in community wide sensitivity trainings.

We also provided detailed research on economic barriers that confirmed and even updated community concerns involving barriers to workforce participation.

Whether you are a county concerned about “Welcomeness” and how specific segments of your community are experiencing daily life in the area, or if you are a small agency, or large organization serving the public and concerned about diversity, equity and inclusion performance—we provide the data that helps you understand your situation.

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