Economic Development Services 

Enhancing and maximizing supplier diversity programs.

At Black Onyx Management, our economic development services are dedicated to supporting Black-led organizations and communities in their pursuit of prosperity and sustainability. We also support organizations seeking to address historic racial disparities or possess a desire for management practices that support equitable economic development. By developing strategies that enhance opportunities, capacity, and space, we empower these entities to lead transformative solutions that have a lasting impact on the communities they serve. Our comprehensive support extends to business creation, tailored administrative solutions, and strategic social and economic evaluations that promote financial empowerment and inclusive growth. 

We collaborate with a variety of partners, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, school districts, and private businesses, to enhance and maximize supplier diversity programs. Our efforts ensure equitable access to procurement opportunities, which is essential for leveling the playing field and fostering economic prosperity across all communities. 

Specific Services Offered:

Advisory Services: Advising business-oriented groups on ways to stimulate growth and increase both equity and shared-values to advance ecosystems that support Black business development. 

Tailored Administrative and Infrastructure Support: Providing customized support to enhance operational capabilities and efficiency. 

Social and Economic Evaluation: Conducting assessments to understand and improve the socio-economic impact of organizations and initiatives. 

Financial Empowerment Training: Offering training programs focused on financial literacy, business finance management, and economic resilience. 

Supplier Diversity Consulting: Working with various sectors to develop and refine supplier diversity strategies, ensuring that diverse businesses have equal access to contracting and procurement opportunities. 

By focusing on these services, Black Onyx Management not only supports the immediate needs of Black-led organizations and communities but also contributes to building a foundation for long-term economic success and equity. 

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